Monday, April 25, 2011

My new toy!

The keyboard on my laptop has not worked for a very long time. I always used the plug in type which was big and clunky and longer than the laptop itself. So,  in Best Buy yesterday, I saw this sweet little babe, and it was love at first type. Its curved and the clicking is very quiet, similar to a laptop keyboard but you don't have to have your whole computer in your lap to blog or chat.

What won me over, however is the cute factor! It makes me feel so dainty to be typing on something so small and just look at the teeny tiny USB plug!!!
The way the extra buttons are strategically placed is a wonderful positive. The delete button is on the far right side so I don't have to look down to use it, and the arrow buttons are no longer four, but have been merged into one super itty bitty button! It does not come with a numerical keypad though, many people don't use this frequently enough to miss it as well as some buttons I can't even name because I never use them. The common ones are smartly placed up top with the F buttons. (see pic)

Overall, if this keyboard was good enough for me to blog about and for $50 it is well worth the cost. So if you are in need of a keyboard- whether you spilled something on your laptop, or just want something smaller on your desk, stop in at Future Shop or Best Buy and just take a look at this fun little toy!

Next on my wishlist is the wireless arc mouse to match.

Have techy suggestions for me? Leave me a comment and let me know, I love new toys!


Ryan said...

Pretty sweet little keyboard Jen!

I definitely need to get that mouse though, that thing looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Love the post Jen Jen, the only thing cuter than your keyboard is you!