Monday, August 19, 2013

So SO close!

Not fully crawling yet, but a pro at the army crawl. He now goes wherever he desires. Mostly it's to the metal thing on the floor next to the closet door. Or if I'm  doing my makeup in the hall he likes to check up on that too. 
Since he is moving so much now, we had to figure out something for the massive brick fireplace in the centre of the house. So far all I've done is thrown a blanket on the stone and just hoped he wouldn't hit the wall. Gus of course assumes its his new throne.
So far not a single accident, he bumps his head ALOT but hasn't actually bruised or cried. Sometimes I see him roll from his stomach to his back with reckless abandon and it makes me cringe when he thumps his head on the hardwood. He just squints his eyes and carries on. 
Gus and his buddy. The dog now uses his tongue as defense against the claw. I do not approve of either of these interactions but Gus does have a right to defend himself so sometimes Sam gets a lock right on the face. He makes the same squinty face and carries on.
And lastly, I had a little solo hike with the boys. Gus was patient with me as I climbed up and down jagged rocks. He was rewarded with a swim in the lagoon and salt filled sticks, his favorite seaside snack.
Until next week! (Probably)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Our week

This week I finally got the guts to hoist Sam on my back for the first time. I won't lie it was a little scary but once he was in, he was very secure and it was much more comfortable than having him on my front. I was also able to get so much more done while keeping a cranky pants happy.
He has also become far more mobile this week. He sits up by himself as well as stands alone and crawls, sort of. It's more of an army guy crawl right now but it won't be long before he gets the idea. He will also take steps while holding onto my hands. It's been a very big week for milestones!

We finished our week at Little Qualicum Falls. It was busy but a nice walk anyways with some good views.
Gus is with us at every moment of course. He puts up with alot from Sam. He sleeps next to his crib at night and Sam smiles at Gus every time he sees him. Unfortunately, like us, Gus falls victim to THE CLAW. Sams hands gravitate towards hair. If it is within his reach, its between his fingers in seconds.
Hopefully next week I can report that Sam is crawling!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fluffy Love!

Cloth diapering was an option I never considered, so when Cam came home from work all excited about 20 diapers he bought on eBay, I was distressed to say the least. I had images of myself scrubbing at pieces of cloth for hours, but when I started researching cloth diapers, my point of view changed overnight.
The first thing I noticed was how adorable they were! No scary pins or white triangles to sort out, they have made these things foolproof with velcro or snaps. and have I mentioned their adorable?!

Obviously we have saved SO much money on disposables and wipes (we also use cloth wipes). We would go through a $35 dollar box of disposables in two weeks! I wont do the math but one high quality cloth diaper is just over 20 bucks. A minimum stash is 20-25 diapers which is all you would need for the duration of diapering so say 3 years. Yup! (BTW I dont know a single person who could stop at the minimum required amount, their just too cute!)
I also feel better seeing him in something that looks comfortable instead of a scratchy paper diaper 24 hours a day. You also save room in your garbage and avoid the warmed up poop smell from the trashcan.

To all my friends who have babies on the horizon (or not!) please keep cloth diapering in mind, I can honestly go on about why their so awesome but the only way to know is to try for yourself.