Monday, August 12, 2013

Our week

This week I finally got the guts to hoist Sam on my back for the first time. I won't lie it was a little scary but once he was in, he was very secure and it was much more comfortable than having him on my front. I was also able to get so much more done while keeping a cranky pants happy.
He has also become far more mobile this week. He sits up by himself as well as stands alone and crawls, sort of. It's more of an army guy crawl right now but it won't be long before he gets the idea. He will also take steps while holding onto my hands. It's been a very big week for milestones!

We finished our week at Little Qualicum Falls. It was busy but a nice walk anyways with some good views.
Gus is with us at every moment of course. He puts up with alot from Sam. He sleeps next to his crib at night and Sam smiles at Gus every time he sees him. Unfortunately, like us, Gus falls victim to THE CLAW. Sams hands gravitate towards hair. If it is within his reach, its between his fingers in seconds.
Hopefully next week I can report that Sam is crawling!

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