Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fluffy Love!

Cloth diapering was an option I never considered, so when Cam came home from work all excited about 20 diapers he bought on eBay, I was distressed to say the least. I had images of myself scrubbing at pieces of cloth for hours, but when I started researching cloth diapers, my point of view changed overnight.
The first thing I noticed was how adorable they were! No scary pins or white triangles to sort out, they have made these things foolproof with velcro or snaps. and have I mentioned their adorable?!

Obviously we have saved SO much money on disposables and wipes (we also use cloth wipes). We would go through a $35 dollar box of disposables in two weeks! I wont do the math but one high quality cloth diaper is just over 20 bucks. A minimum stash is 20-25 diapers which is all you would need for the duration of diapering so say 3 years. Yup! (BTW I dont know a single person who could stop at the minimum required amount, their just too cute!)
I also feel better seeing him in something that looks comfortable instead of a scratchy paper diaper 24 hours a day. You also save room in your garbage and avoid the warmed up poop smell from the trashcan.

To all my friends who have babies on the horizon (or not!) please keep cloth diapering in mind, I can honestly go on about why their so awesome but the only way to know is to try for yourself.

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