Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer is here!!

Well its always a beautiful day for a blog. I want to start telling everyone about our outdoor summer adventures. Hopefully they will include some hiking, but both of us are doing shift work and its hard for us to get one day off together let alone enough time to go hiking for more than a couple days.

We are hoping for mid July to get some time off to come back to Calgary and visit everyone we have missed so much because the trip is long overdue and I find myself missing everyone else more and more these days...

So last Sunday we were lucky enough to get the day off together and the weather was just gorgeous, so we went back to the place where we spent the summer last year. Spent the afternoon on Elliott Beach and reminisced with one of the guys that so kindly let us stay with him.
Log dog fetching his own sticks.
Gus enjoyed his usual stick fetching in the ocean while we all caught up on our lives together. At one point we had stopped throwing the sticks for Gus and he decided he would just fetch by himself, so into the water he went to find his own sticks. He just went out into the water on the hunt for driftwood and when he found one he would bring it back to shore, chew on it for a short while, then go back in for another. It was pretty cute that he can make his own fun like that.

Our friends' beautiful home.
I was able to spend an hour or so in the sun alone, got to do my nails, catch up on a few YouTube videos and get a nice little tan before the boys came back to visit bringing our Gus' beloved dog friend, Ziggy, who is now unfortunately deaf but he sure remembered us and it was clear he was happy to see Gus. Shortly after, we went back to the house where we stayed and visited with our friends and they gave us a wonderful and beautiful housewarming gift which consisted of a Japanese tea set with four cups, a cute little flat ware set (which I'll be using for my miso soup) and also a sushi making kit, complete with nori to wrap up our creations. It was extremely sweet and we both felt guilty that we hadn't been there to visit sooner (like I said our stupid busy schedules have prevented us from doing many things we have wanted to do so far.)

The plot where we pitched our tent for 2 months.
Afterwords, we went to a little pub outside of town for two 4 one steak night. The food wasn't fabulous but the company sure was! It was so fun having a double date, the first one in... well... ever! It couldn't have been with two more awesome people.

So overall, it was a very successful day complete with a manicure, dip in the ocean, & getting a slight tan. Here's to many more!

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