Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day off work...

So it was a wonderful lazy day at home until you notice, uh oh its quarter to six, she will be home in 15 minutes!
  • At that point you get your butt off the computer and run into the bathroom to take a 5 minute shower, washing all important areas.
  • Towel dry as you shuffle to the bedroom, make the bed and pick up any clothes (including socks and underwear) that have nested under the blankets on the floor.
  • Check the bathroom to make sure the toilet is flushed, the seat is down and there are no weird tooth cleaning devices left on the counter
  • Rush to the kitchen to do the dishes, and to the living room/computer area to make sure all evidence of your lazyness has been cleaned up ie. Pepsi cans and chocolate wrappers.
  • Pick up dog toys so dog looks like he has kept the home nice and tidy as well.
  • Stand at front door with dog anxiously awaiting your arrival and to make it look like all you did that day was slave away at keeping the house in pristine condition.

Its ok baby thats how my days off are too. Love you!

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