Friday, March 4, 2011

Photos & Photoshopping

Well his tongue is sticking out and there is febreeze in the background but this is the best we could do. It all started when I was doing my hair in front of the bed and he jumped up and put his ear on my belly. Aww. I have a picture of that too but its pre-makeup and I'm not up to that much Photo shopping right now.
Still when I decided we were going to take these pictures he was all for it, some of them you can see me trying to get a good frame while hes sitting so patiently on the bed. Its pretty darn cute. OK I'll show you just one of those...

It makes me laugh! I've got about four of them, sometimes with me as a blur on the side. One thing I learned about my camera though is that the timer won't stay on between pictures which is very annoying because you get pictures such as those.
I also have a video of him watching a video of him that I want to put up because his head is nearly turning upside down watching himself and hearing us on the computer. Its adorable. Ok gotta get ready for work I just wanted to share. Bye!!

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