Monday, July 1, 2013

A new chapter!

As we prepare for our well deserved vacation I thought it would be a good time to let's say, put in an effort on my blog. It could crash and burn, but I thought it would be better to update this way instead of harassing friends who don't give a crap about babies on Facebook. So this will be the first test post to see how updating from my phone actually looks online.
The actual plan is to update from the road. We are traveling up through the mountains and down to Saskatchewan so I figured it was a good way to update.
Ok so we need some test pictures. How about this one.

Someone yesterday said he was an old soul just observing everything. I think he looks at everyone with angry bewilderment but same diff.
We had a good day at the beach, he didn't get upset about the water touching his legs today (though he got teary eyes when a cold cloth touched his belly) but we had to leave at the peak hour because it was just too hot for both of us. 
He's now having a nap next to me with a cold cloth over his eyes. Both cam and I like to sleep with pillows on our head and I can see this soothes Sammy as well. Of course I would never put him to sleep alone that way but when I rock him to sleep at night he has to have his eyes in the crook of my elbow. One more picture just so I can see how this all looks on my blog

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