Saturday, July 20, 2013

We're home!

Sammy at Riley park in Calgary.

Well it was a long trip but we are home. By the time we got to Vernon he started to really hate his car seat. I put him in it now and he arches his back right away. Not that I blame him!

Gus man enjoyed the front seat for most of the ride. I stayed in the back for entertainment purposes.
So we got to Vernon Monday and got so lucky with this campsite. It was on an RV park but the entire waterfront was for tenters so we had a prime spot. We picked up a jolly jumper in Calgary after Sam tried out his second cousins and loved it. I've got video of that too to upload.
He has been a pretty good little camper. Though he cannot be left alone on a bed anymore, he just rolls around too much. First thing today we are baby proofing as he is much more mobile than when we left.
I wish I had taken more pictures of the beach!! He floated in the okanagan lake wearing his hat, sunglasses and wet suit. Not once did he fuss about the water and I think he actually fell asleep at one point on the waves but it was hard to tell with his sunglasses on.
I think I mentioned we had fun! I don't feel too bad about leaving because our beach is across the street but I will really miss the time we all got to spend together.
Sorry it's not that detailed, writing this on a whim before the monkey wakes up and sorry I don't have more pictures!

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