Sunday, July 7, 2013

Holiday day 3!

Sams first tent sleep. He is sucking on his bottom lip because he's been teething this entire time. The first night was a little rough, he was waking often and we all felt a little squished. We spent the night near Whistler at a very well maintained campground. They let people paint the rocks and put them all around the campsites. 
(^ For Tiffany)

Night two was spent near the river just outside Pemberton. We have lots of red itchy souvenirs from this place but with the sound of the water and the rain we all slept so well. Sam slept three hours later than he did at home which left us all rested and ready to move on.
We drove up and down a few mountains before stopping at salmon arm for a swim. Sam did well, he got his whole body in the lake without any fuss.
Cam drove from there all the way to Calgary because by the time we were done swimming it was almost dark and neither one of us really wanted to set up camp in the dark with a potentially crabby baby. We stay here until probably tomorrow night when we head off for the land of golden seas!
(Had to throw this one in. Buds4life!)

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