Thursday, July 4, 2013

My collection is nearly complete!

Had a crazy busy day today packing for tomorrow. As you can see I had help. He started on the change pad and made his own way over. He does it without me seeing so I'm not exactly sure how he moves himself. I will go with teleportation for now.
Being organized makes me happy. The condiments are in mini containers and that will literally help me sleep tonight. Now I'm not going to go as far as to say I enjoy packing (or cleaning) but the payoff is so satisfying. I feel relaxed and less stressed about how this trip could go horribly wrong if someone decides they won't sit for more than an hour.

Also 'stripped' my cloth diapers for the first time (apparently your supposed to do this every couple months, its been four) They didn't stink but they smelt like a towel that sat for a few days. I soaked them in the tub with super hot water and Oxyclean and now they smell brand new! I hope anyone who has had or is having a baby seriously considers cloth. The thing that sold me was how much softer they are than a disposable. Along with the fact that chemicals don't touch your baby 24/7 and their super cute!!
Ok one more of teleportation boy.
Looking forward to tomorrow!!

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